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Good Grains

Healthy, whole wheat, flax, millet, oats and rye are the stars of our multigrain, wheat and whole grain breads. Carefully crafted to reveal surprisingly soft interiors, crispy crusts, and earthy flavors, our good grains breads give your guests the delicious, healthy choices they crave.

5 Breads in Good Grains

7.5" Ancient Grain Sandwich Roll


Baked with cracked wheat and a whole grain blend of flax, millet, rolled oats and rye to be surprisingly soft with a delicate crunch.


Ancient Grain Carving Loaf


Baked with cracked wheat and dusted with flour, this surprisingly soft loaf has a subtle crunch of whole grains.


Honey Molasses Table Long


A rustic, whole wheat loaf partially sliced for a pull-apart table bread, sweetened with molasses and honey, and topped with rolled oats.


Rudi Roll™ Assorted Dinner Rolls


A well balanced assortment of classic European-style Rudi Rolls, ideal for catering.


Ultragrain® Wheat Breadstick


Baked with all natural Ultragrain® flour for a wholesome alternative with the soft texture and light appearance of a classic breadstick.

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