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Our classic Italian ciabatta begins with wetter dough and slow-rise techniques that allow the yeast to work its magic. The result is surprisingly light bread with an airy, open-cell interior that’s delightfully chewy and soft. With a rustic appearance and sturdy structure, ciabattas are made to hold in the flavors of the heartiest sandwich fillings – without getting soggy.

3 Breads in Ciabatta

4" Sliced Premium Ciabatta


This lightweight Italian ciabatta is pre-sliced for convenience, with a chewy crust and open, airy interior.


6" Premium White Ciabatta


A crusty ciabatta with an open, airy interior and ideal shape for an upscale alternative to subs and hoagie rolls.


Ultimate Ciabatta


This diamond-shaped ciabatta is partially sliced for pull-apart table bread or can be filled with ingredients for a shareable appetizer.

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