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0Our Process

When it comes to making delicious bread, we use a simple recipe, one that’s full of quality and the greatest care.

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1We Source Responsibly

Because quality ingredients matter.

We use the highest quality ingredients we can get our hands on — and we’re always on the hunt for producers and purveyors with a commitment to excellence and sustainability.

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2We carefully measure and combine ingredients

Because great bread requires great care.

We take care to measure our dry ingredients like salt and yeast and combine them with flour and water to start the process of making the most perfect dough we can craft.

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3We mix at exactly the right time, at exactly the right temperature

Because great bread is an art and a science.

Mixing bread is magic, creativity and precision all coming together. We mix the highest quality ingredients together at just the right time, at just the right temperature to achieve the optimal dough texture for baking.

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4We cut, weigh, and expertly form the dough

To ensure the most consistent, highest quality breads possible.

Once the dough has achieved its ideal texture, it’s cut into smaller pieces, weighed, and finally, rolled or cut into its final shape.

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5We proof patiently

Because all great things take time.

Certain breads and rolls need a little extra time for the yeast to work its magic, so that dough moves first into a cool, temperature-controlled room and then to the proofing box to rise. Other dough moves directly to the proofing box.

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6We hand score each roll, baguette and bun

To add an artisan’s touch to everything we make.

As the bread is removed from the proofing box, we hand score each roll, baguette and bun to add a creative, personal touch to everything we make.

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7We quick chill for ultimate freshness

So you can serve up just what you need, when you need it.

Once baked, the bread moves to a cooling area until it reaches room temperature. Then, it’s quick chilled and packaged to lock in freshness.

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