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What is Par-Baked Bread?


Short for partially baked, par-baked bread is baked to 80 - 90% doneness, then cooled and quick-frozen to seal in freshness. Once thawed, the bread can be enjoyed as-is — or, it can be oven-finished in just minutes. Finishing the bread caramelizes its crust, adding a rich golden color, and refreshes its moisture, creating a perfectly chewy interior and crispy exterior. And, it fills your restaurant with the smell of fresh-from-the-oven bread, sparking your guests' appetites and emotions.

Benefits of Par-Baked Bread

Bake to Order

Bakes to order anytime — fresh for every guest.

Many Choices

Wide array to choose from — expands your menu and thrills guests.

Long Life

Long frozen life — reduces shrink and saves overall food costs.


Consistent, high quality product — for more satisfied guests.

Make Unique Creations

Make unique creations — easily add your own touches before finishing.

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