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Everything we do is driven by a mission to help make your job easier. Below you'll find answers to questions we're most frequently asked. Read on!


Q: How do your products come packaged and where can I buy them?


Our products are all frozen and most commonly bulk-packed and available for purchase through broadline and specialty distributors across the country. At this time, we do not sell directly to restaurants or retail stores. Please contact our customer service department to find a distributor near you that carries our products, or check our team page to find your regional sales representative.


Q: Do I have to bake par-baked bread first, or can I use it just thawed?


Par-baked breads are baked 80% - 90% of the way to completeness, so the interior is set. They are completely safe to eat after thawing. Finishing the breads in your oven will give them a golden crust and will refresh the moisture that was locked in during the freezing process. For more information, please visit our par-baked breads page.


Q: Once thawed, how long will the bread last at room temperature? After baking?


Once the breads are thawed, they will last up to two days if left in the sealed case or a covered container. However, please be aware that as the breads thaw, they will lose their structure and may begin to crush in the box. ...SEE MORE
After the breads are baked, they should be eaten the same day to avoid the potential for staling or developing mold. Refrigeration creates the ideal temperature for staling, producing a dry and hard crumb (interior).

If your operation requires the product to be refrigerated as opposed to frozen, keep the product in a sealed container or bag. If stored properly, the product can last up to five days in the refrigerator but will need to be reheated before serving to revive moisture.

For complete baking and handling instructions, view our spec sheets or the baking instructions tool.


Q: Are your breads Kosher?


Our bakery has Kosher capabilities and almost all of our products are OK certified Kosher. Look for the brown Kosher symbol next to our Kosher products in the Bread Guide and on our spec sheets.


Q: Where can I find nutrition information on your breads?


All of our ingredient, allergen and nutrition information is available online. You can find this information on the individual product page and by downloading the spec sheet. To find the specifics about a particular bread, use the search bar on the homepage or browse through the Bread Guide tab. If you need assistance or cannot find the information you are looking for, please email us at [email protected]


Q: Is Signature Breads a "nut free" bakery?


Yes. Our bakery is a nut-free facility.


Q: Do you offer whole grain products?


Yes. We are a proud member of the Whole Grains Council and we currently offer 10 breads that qualify for the Whole Grain Stamp. Look for the Whole Grain Stamp on the individual product pages and spec sheets, or take a look at the Good Grains page for a complete list of items that contain whole wheat flour, multigrain flour, whole grains or seeds.


Q: How long do I bake the bread? At what temperature?


Each bread bakes a little differently based on size, weight, whether it is frozen or thawed, and the oven type. For complete baking time and temperature instructions, please use our Baking Instructions Tool or view the individual product pages on this site. Time and temperate may vary by oven.


Q: How do I use a bread boule for soups and dips?


The first step to preparing a bread boule is to core it. We have found two approaches that work well for coring, depending on the use of the boule. ...SEE MORE

For chilies, chowders, stews and thick dips, core the boule with a knife or corer while it is still frozen to prevent the bread from crushing. While cool, cut a hole in the top of the boule, creating a cone-shaped removable piece and leaving as much bread as possible in the boule. Place the cone back into the boule and bake as directed. Once baked, remove the core, fill and serve. For dips, cut the core into smaller pieces and serve for dipping.

For thin brothy soups, bake the boule as directed and then cut the top of the boule off with a bread knife. Press the interior of the bread against the sides to create a barrier for the soup and, if desired, place a slice of cheese on the inside and bake/melt for an additional layer to hold the liquid. Fill and serve.

Approximate boule capacities. May vary based on size of core or how thick/thin the interior walls are pressed.

22005 Petit Boule (5 oz) = Fill with 6 - 8 fl. Oz
22229 Sourdough Mini Boule (9 oz) = Fill with 6 – 8 fl. Oz
22240 Mini Boule (6.5 oz) = Fill with 12 – 16 fl. Oz


Q: Which breads are best for grilling and pressing?


Many of our breads were designed with grilling in mind. The French Mini Baguette (22205) and Cuban Bread (23021) perform especially well and all of the ciabatta breads can be grilled or pressed after thawing - but should not be baked beforehand to avoid drying out. Our sandwich rounds and buns are also ideal for grilling, especially when brushed with oil or butter.


Q: Why are my breads slightly different sizes?


From time to time you may notice that the breads you receive vary a bit in size. Since all of our breads are baked in small batches, we are better able to control variability. ...SEE MORE However, baking bread the right way is both a science and an art and naturally occurring differences in temperature, moisture, yeast and other environmental changes can cause the bread to rise or bake at different intervals, which can lead to variations in size of the finished bread. We also hand-score many of our breads, and this high-touch process leads to the unique character and appearance of each individual piece. SEE LESS


Q: Are there any opportunities for me to join the Signature Breads team?


Great bread can only be made by great people — and we’ve got the best in the business. If you love food, rewarding work and want to be part of a talented team that feels like family, we invite you to explore our current career opportunities.

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